Roonka is operated by The Scout Association (SA Branch), hereby referred to as Scouts SA, governing the terms & conditions set out below.

The information provided on this website in relation to the provision of accommodation or other services by us constitutes an invitation to treat and is not capable of acceptance by you. Any booking you make, or order you place, constitutes an offer made by you to purchase the relevant accommodation or service. If you offer to purchase accommodation or a service, then such offer is made on the basis that you acknowledge and agree to the Booking Terms and Conditions as outlined below.

A contract in relation to your offer is formed once we process your payment. Bookings made verbally or via email must be confirmed within seven days by accepting the booking terms electronically and payment of the deposit. Unconfirmed bookings will not be held beyond this period. Where applicable, full payment for additional persons is required on arrival, unless arranged otherwise.

Where you make a booking or place an order on someone else’s behalf, you warrant that you have their permission to do so and will inform them about these terms and conditions, our privacy policy and all other terms and conditions that apply to that booking or order.


All cancellation requests must be submitted in writing to: info@roonka.org.au

  1. Bunkhouses (group booking), Kitchens and Sole Occupancy Hire – Tentative bookings can be held for seven days. To confirm your reservation, a booking form (completed and signed) must be submitted and accompanied by the required reservation deposit amount. Management reserves the right to release the space for resale if confirmation is not received within seven days. The initial reservation deposit amount is fully refundable if cancellation occurs within 30 days of payment and more than 60 days before scheduled arrival, and forfeited thereafter. Full payment of minimum occupancy is due 60 days before arrival. In the case of any additional use of activity equipment, facilitation, extended stay, increase in numbers or additional expenses incurred by you or your party, you will be issued a final invoice upon departure. If cancellation occurs with less than 60 days from date of arrival, the hirer will pay 50% of total hire fee. If cancellation occurs with less than 45 days from date of arrival, the hirer will pay 100% of the total hire fee. When booking is made with less than 30 days from travel, full payment is required and is non-refundable or transferable to another date for any reason. Management may, at its discretion, agree to a request to transfer the booking to a new date.
  2. Individual Bunk Room, Bell Tent Hire and Camping Bookings: Full payment is required upfront to secure a booking and is refundable if cancellation occurs more than 30 days from date of arrival and forfeited thereafter. Management may, at its discretion, agree to a request to transfer the booking to a new date (mid-week or standard weekend) or another person.
  3. Extenuating Circumstances Policy – This Extenuating Circumstances Policy explains how cancellations are handled when unforeseen events beyond your control arise after booking and make it impracticable or illegal to complete your reservation. This Policy applies to reservations for both accommodation and experiences. When this Policy allows for cancellation, it controls and takes precedence over the above cancellation policy. A full transfer/credit, refund or other consideration will be issued in the following instances:
    • Site closure. Roonka is closed on days declared with Catastrophic Fire Danger Rating.
    • Dangerous weather conditions. Management declared planned activities or general site unsafe for occupancy due to particularly dangerous weather conditions.
    • Declared emergencies and epidemics. SA Government declared emergencies, epidemics, pandemics and public health emergencies and associated restrictions of the time.
    • Government travel restrictions. Travel restrictions imposed by a governmental agency that prevent or prohibit travelling to, staying at or returning from McBean Pound, South Australia.

No refunds are given for unused portions of your booking, including no-shows and early departures or cancellations where you or your party has arrived at the park. A no-show is when you do not check-in on the day of your booking.

We reserve the right to refuse entry into the park:

  • if we reasonably determine that you, or someone in your party, could present a risk to the health or safety of our staff or other guests at the park; or
  • for any other reason we so determine in our discretion (including for our own purposes).

A full refund will be issued if this occurs unless our refusal is because you or your party presents a risk to the health or safety of our staff or other guests at the park, or because of your breach of these terms and conditions.


 4.1) You must ensure at all times that your party complies with these terms and conditions. You agree that any breach of these terms and conditions by your party will constitute a breach by you.

You and your party must at all times:

  • obey all park rules, guidelines and signage and reasonable requests from park staff;
  • abide by the signed speed restrictions in the park;
  • take care for your own safety and the safety of others; and
  • safely and securely stow your possessions.

4.2) You must ensure that persons under 18 years of age (minors) in your party are accompanied and supervised by a parent or guardian at all times whilst at the park. You acknowledge that there will be third parties present in the park during your stay and that we are not responsible for the acts or behaviour of those parties.  There is no lifeguard on duty and it is your responsibility to ensure the personal safety, welfare and protection of all minors in your party at all times during their stay at the park.

4.3) Smoking or vaping is not permitted in or around any park facilities (including indoor spaces, shelters and areas in or around activities). If we consider that you or your party has smoked in an accommodation venue, you will incur a $500 cleaning fee.

4.4) You and your party must respect the comfort of others staying in park at all times. Any unruly behaviour, excessive noise, drunkenness, bad and/or offensive language will not be tolerated and may result in you and your party being evicted from the park without refund. Quiet time in the park is after 10pm every day, and we may require you to refrain from any behaviour we consider may be disruptive to other guests of the park and issue a $500 fine.

4.5) All recreational activities are undertaken solely at the risk of the participant. You are responsible for supervising and ensuring the safety of any minors in your party undertaking recreational activities.

4.6) If Scouts SA provide safety equipment in relation to undertaking recreational activities at the park you and your party must use that safety equipment when undertaking the recreational activity. It is a site requirement that a life jacket is worn at all times while in or on the water.

4.7) Helmets must be worn at all times when using bicycles, skateboards, scooters or any other wheeled toy.

4.8) You and your party agree to keep the hired property in good repair and condition, returning it in the same state as it was at the commencement of the period of hire and will reimburse the owner for the cost of repairing any damage incurred to the hired property or its contents during the period of hire.

4.9) Scouts SA will not be responsible for the cost of theft, loss or damage to property or personal effects of the hirer, nor the hirers’ staff, delegates, guests or visitors. Lost Property is kept for one week, then donated to a charitable organisation.

4.10) Fires are only permitted in designated fire circles/drums and outside of fire ban season (dates may vary due to seasonal conditions).

4.11) For their safety, the safety of others and the safety of our wildlife, it is a strict requirement that pets brought onto the property are kept on lead at all times.

4.12) For safety purposes, as well as for the enjoyment of other guests, generators are not permitted on camping fields.

4.13) Please be aware that Scouts SA may take photos/video during your visit for marketing purposes. Please inform us if you do not want your photo taken.


Whilst we take care to confirm that the information on our website is correct, current and free from errors, we do not warrant the accuracy or completeness of, or any representations made in information on our website, any website that links from our website, or any information received as a result of using our website.

Our website may contain hyperlinks to websites operated by parties other than us. These hyperlinks are provided for your reference only. We do not control such websites and are not responsible for their content or your use of them.  Our inclusion of hyperlinks to such websites does not imply any endorsement of the material on such websites or any association with their operators. If you access any external websites via links from this website, including links to social media sites, your personal information will be handled in accordance with the privacy policy of the organisation that owns and controls those external websites.


The following conditions (‘Conditions’) will apply to and bind all Scouts SA participants / entrants.




  1. The Scout Association of Australia SA Branch Inc (Scouts SA), as the supplier of recreational services, supplies all of its recreation services and facilities to you (the participant), the condition, layout, construction, design, maintenance and use of the activities, the presence of people or objects thereon, the surrounding areas and any other associated activities or similar leisure time pursuits (each referred to as a ‘Recreational Activity’ and jointly ‘Recreational Activities’) subject to the following conditions:
    1.1 By paying for, by entering or by using any of the facilities and/or engaging in the activities, the Participant agrees to be bound by these conditions.
    1.2 RISK WARNING: The Recreational Activities, involve a significant risk to participants suffering personal injury including the possibility of serious injuries, permanent disability or death. All participants who engage in such activities do so at their own risk.
    1.3 The participant acknowledges and agrees that the Recreational Activities are dangerous with many inherent risks and hazards and as a consequence personal injury and sometimes death can occur and the participant assumes and accepts all such risks.
  2. These Conditions include:
    2.1 the Safety Signage and Rules which are displayed on signs located throughout the venue, which should be read by you before participating;
    2.2 the participant must comply with all reasonable directions, warning signs and instructions given by Scouts SA staff or volunteers, use all safety equipment provided and comply with all safety instructions for the use of all equipment and devices;
    2.3 the participant agrees to take care of themselves and to immediately advise Scouts SA staff if they consider they are in any danger or may be unable to complete any activity without jeopardising their safety or the safety of others;
    2.4 the participant must not participate in any activity under the influence of alcohol or drugs and must refrain from behaviour which could affect their safety, the safety of others or any equipment or devices being used in any activities.
  3. Law and Jurisdiction: 
    These Conditions are governed by the laws of the State of South Australia, the courts of which shall have exclusive jurisdiction. If any of these Conditions of Sale should be determined to be void, invalid or otherwise unenforceable, such conditions shall be deemed deleted and the remaining Conditions of Sale remain and continue to be valid, biding and enforceable.
  4. FORM 1: Recreational services – Exclusion, restriction or modification of rights under the Australian Consumer Law (SA) Your rights:

Under sections 60 and 61 of the Australian Consumer Law (SA), if a person in trade or commerce supplies you with services (including “recreational services”), there is:

  • a statutory guarantee that those services will be rendered with due care and skill; and
  • a statutory guarantee that those services, and any product resulting from those services, will be reasonably fit for the purpose for which the services are being acquired (as long as that purpose is made known to the supplier); and
  • a statutory guarantee that those services, and any product resulting from those services, will be of such a nature, and quality, state or condition, that they might reasonably be expected to achieve the result that the consumer wishes to achieve (as long as that wish is made known to the supplier or a person with whom negotiations have been conducted in relation to the acquisition of the services).

Excluding, restricting or modifying your rights: 
Under section 42 of the Fair Trading Act 1987, the supplier of recreational services is entitled to ask you to agree to exclude, restrict or modify his or her liability for any personal injury suffered by you or another person for whom or on whose behalf you are acquiring the services (a third party consumer).
You agree to exclude, restrict or modify the supplier’s liability with the result that compensation may not be payable if you or the third party consumer suffer personal injury.

You do not have to agree to exclude, restrict or modify your rights. The supplier may refuse to provide you with the services if you do not agree to exclude, restrict or modify your rights. Even if you accept these terms, you may still have further legal rights against the supplier.
A child under the age of 18 cannot legally agree to exclude, restrict or modify their rights.
A parent or guardian of a child who acquires recreational services for the child can not legally agree to exclude, restrictor modify the child’s rights.


By making a booking, you agree that the liability of Scouts SA for any personal injury that may result from the supply of the recreational services that may be suffered by you (or a person for whom or on whose behalf you are acquiring the services) is excluded.


By making a booking, you consent that you have read and agree to these Conditions of Sale and consent to guarantee the performance of the participant’s obligations under these Conditions of Sale.