Uniquely Roonka



Roonka is a great place to go fishing or yabbying, whether it’s in the billabong, off the river bank, from one of our pontoons or in a boat. Gear is not supplied and we don’t have bait available for sale, so come prepared. There are many species of fish caught here, notably redfin (English or European perch), callop (golden or Murray perch), and the dreaded carp (the hot tip for carp is to use corn kernels from a can as bait – they love them!).


Kayaking and canoeing are great fun and the backwaters around Roonka are a wonderful place to explore. On your journey you will see many of the bird species and other wildlife that call the area home. If you prefer to stick closer to home or have young children the billabong is a great place to build up your paddling skills in a safe environment. If you don’t have your own kayak or canoe you are more than welcome to hire one of ours for the day. You can book one prior to your stay or at check in.  


Bouldering is rock climbing stripped down to its raw essentials. Leaving behind ropes and harnesses and just using climbing shoes and a bag of chalk over safety mats, your challenge is to climb short but tricky bouldering “problems” (a route, or sequence of moves) using balance, technique, strength, and your brain. You don’t need experience or lots of expensive kit to have a go – making it really easy to get into if you’ve never tried it before.


Roonka is home to a few echidnas that occasionally show their faces along our Echidna trail. Grab a pamphlet from the Cottage and wander along the trail while learning about our flora, fauna and environment. 


Course 1 is great for beginners with 8 control points and approximately 800m in length, while course 2 has 11 control points and ventures a bit further afield (approx. 1.3km). You’ll use basic map reading and navigational skills to find the markers around the property revealing a specific word related to our site when you find the correct checkpoints.

Laminated maps are available on loan at the Cottage – special thanks to Orienteering SA for mapping our property!


Use basic map reading and navigational skills to navigate your way around the property to match the photos. Laminated maps are available on loan at the Cottage


Right next to the billabong and down the rise from the campground is our adventure playground. Kick back and relax while the kids jump, run, climb and have fun.


Spend the evening around one of our communal campfire circles (seasonal), enjoying the warmth of the flames and spectacular star gazing that comes with Roonka’s great location on the fringe of the Dark Sky Reserve. We provide some wood for the campfires but you’re welcome to bring some of your own to really keep the fire roaring into the night. Please note that campfires must be within the three designated campfire circles. These can’t be reserved and we encourage guests to make everyone feel welcome around the campfire.